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(more info) Social has become an integral part of the Web experience, and that's driving the need for social touch points in the browser.

This component covers all pieces of UI and platform work to integrate the social experience into Firefox.

At the time of this writing, popular key/value servers include Memcached, Redis and many others.

While these tools all have different usage focuses, they all have in common that the storage model is based on the retrieval of a value based on a key; as such, they are all potentially suitable for caching, particularly Memcached which is first and foremost designed for caching.

New tester to the Social API, so forgive me if I don't articulate something as well as I should. I see the buttons in the chrome, I see the ticker and chat in the sidebar on the right.

When I first loaded, Ticker was updating in real time.

Cause Before you make changes to your content in Ticker Display, you need to deactivate your ticker board.

They are always on top and no matter whether you are sending an email, or taking on the boss of a thrilling game, they just pop up out of nowhere.

Ticker Notification is the one we have been using on Android ever since its birth.

Once you have finished making changes, select the Active check box to activate your ticker.

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