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Teresa Giudice filed legal documents in which she argued for no jail time. At least with boring Caroline they can make Al’s mistress a storyline since topic was discussed in S5. If Andy and Bravo PR want 2 save #RHONJ cast Penny 2 expose Manzo affair finish Melissa Gorga’s ‘past’ storyline.She said the judge should not be influenced by her role in "RHONJ" because "the image is little more than a carefully crafted fiction, engineered by Bravo TV through scripted lines and clever editing." – TMZ, October 2, 2014 told Fame-Whorgas in January 2013 that Al Manzo has been cheating on Caroline for the past five or six years with a woman named Jill, and Caroline has known about the affair for three or more years, catching them numerous times, even at The Brownstone apartment. If Bravo PR edits out Manzo affair gossip this season & doesn’t continue it next = their loss.” According to the source, the apartment above The Brownstone, rumored to be Al’s love nest, is not the only place where Al and Jill, who is 46-48 years old, spend time together (he also spends time with her at her home in Glen Rock, NJ).Louis (17)Taiwan (17)The struggle (17)Making the best of what you have (17)Boston (17)studying (17)New Life (17)Dust Bowl (17)Occupation (17)guns (17)Test Interview (17)Ask More (17)Truth (17)1970 (17)tornadoes (17)Small business (17)dust storms (17)medical (17)Eighties (17)1990s (17)dyrhs (17)Diseases (17)va (17)Thegreatlisten2015colorado (17)Test recording (17)The Great Listen2015KS (17)Changes (17)sharing (17)Actor (17)9/11/2001 (17)1980 (17)Israel (16)Free (16)Twin towers (16)News (16)Entrepreneur (16)Sex (16)1939 (16)The Great Listen2015IA (16)Walworth Middle school (16)Pace (16)Gilmore CHS (16)ESl (16)Miscarriage (16)conservation (16)Babies (16)Party (16)Positive (16)wheatonanth2017 (16)nickname (16)Facing History and Ourselves (16)Railroad (16)SILSA (16)age (16)US Army (16)Japanese (16)Physician (16)CCPSoc212 (16)Vetsand Cadets2016 (16)Alameda (16)military wife (16)Girl Scouts (16)Care (16)hospital (16)JROTC (16)Firefighter (16)The Great Listen2015SJCDS (16)Growing (16)#WAHCpatternmaker (16)Study abroad (16)personal experiences (16)Work life (16)Mira Mesa High School (16)Ash (16)The Great Listen PA (16)Ambitious (16)Futuro (16)Blessings (16)Hungarian Revolution (16)1934 (16)Cows (16)French (16)video games (16)Sharecropping (16)Remembered?(16)Athlete (16)Catholic school (16)SDHS (16)foreign (16)Class (16)Economic (16)Hockey (16)Farmers (16)Presidential Debate (16)The Greatthanksgivinglisten2015tx (16)Bob (16)Design (16)talesofimmigrants (16)domestic violence (16)Santa Clara Senior Center (16)APUSHat KAC2015 (16)internet (16)Athletics (16)Ms Ehlers Pd6 (16)Asian American (16)NY (16)Political Parties (16)Lindy (16)Old Town School and 60 Years of Folk (16)Nixon (16)POPCS APUSH (16)space race (16)Michael (15)Campbell1A (15)Peace Corps (15)Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016 (15)20th Century (15)Influential People (15)1961 (15)Past life (15)Ice skating (15)Great Thanksgiving Listen2016 (15)armed forces (15)Submarine (15)Georgia (15)W.Have your party overlooking the powdery sands of the Gulf of Mexico at one of the stilted beach homes in Fort Morgan, Orange Beach or Gulf Shores.For something even more intimate, quaint inns along historic Mobile Bay beach are great spots for I do’s, followed by a sandside party of “stewed and nude” oysters.ALBERT MANZO – Remember how much fun I used to have up here with other women that are not you? This season, in episodes 5 and 11, Albie and Christopher talked about it again (see transcript below), and Caroline admitted Al was absent a lot throughout their marriage: Caroline and her kids are in her Hoboken apartment, talking as she cooks.

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She says she’s polka’ed her way through life, then she polka’ed her way into a photo with Mayor Jim Kenney.“She’s been chasing me around all day,” said Kenney, who took time to be photographed with every centenarian who wanted a picture.“They lived through World War II and it’s important that they know we care about them and appreciate their service in keeping our country safe, free, and prosperous.” Long lines for 📸 with @Philly Mayor!Lots of smiles as the city celebrates its #centenarians – their secrets on @KYWNewsradio #birthday Ss Foj7SPB — Cherri Gregg (@cherrigregg) May 18, 2017 At 109 years young, Miss Barnetta Williams was the oldest in attendance at the luncheon.The former hairdresser and baker spent most of her life in Alabama, but moved to Philadelphia to be closer to her great-granddaughter Darlene Callands.