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” As he was shaping my butt with his hands he noticed no panties. ” “I can’t decide what panties to wear tonight” I said giving the impression that I needed his help deciding. He asked me to put them back on all wet with our loving. As the party continued, I met and greeted his boss, his clients, their wives.

His hands pulled my dress up and started to kiss my butt and thighs.

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Panties -My husband and I were getting ready for a cocktail party. He asked me to play with myself while he just enjoyed smelling my panties.

This was one of those networking events where my husband drags me along as we talk to existing and potential clients.

As I adjusted my dress, I looked at myself in the mirror over the sink. I felt his penis getting harder as he pressed against my butt. He took his hands and sculpted the dress from my shoulders down to my hips. The feel of his hardness and my panties was amazingly erotic. I was not bedded I was loved right there in that closet standing up. I was in a state of melting for my man and the wet panties were getting wetter.

The black silk dress covered the features of my frame in a way that enhanced my assets. This dress sculpted my curves from my breasts to my butt ending just above the knee. I was putting on my gold choker around my neck when my husband walked in and parked there behind me and looked me over. He whispered, “I’d marry you again in a heartbeat.” I melted, “I’d marry you too! My juices and his juices were cleaned up with my panties.

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A majority of Pakistanis in the 20s had never had the pleasure of a train travel.

The railway in India, however, is alive and kicking. India has maintained well this technological wonder that we jointly inherited from the Colonial period.