Vegetarian dating nyc

Are you occasionally frustrated that your meat-eating friends "don't get it," and do you wish to dine with others that have the same enthusiasm for vegetarian and vegan food that you do? What I am especially proud of is all the wonderful members we have.

We seem to attract some of the very nicest, most thoughtful people in New York. New York has many excellent vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and new ones are opening all the time.

We'll do our best to provide neighboring booths/tables, although depending on how busy we are we cannot guarantee the availability of such seating. 16 ), please contact us and we will be in touch to discuss your request.

Restaurants are rated on a 30-point scale, based on periodic customer surveys, in the categories of Food, Decor, and Service.

My friend and I huddled in the amber glow of the dimly lit bar, confiding our tales insights with each other. And I told her that not only would I not hide my vegan lifestyle, but that I might only want to date a fellow vegan.

In the midst of the talk she advised, "Don't tell them you're vegan." She was concerned that by revealing my animal-free lifestyle, I might scare prospective suitors off. Veganism is a huge and bright light in my life, and I was not going to sweep it under the carpet for fear of being single.

I love the outdoors, animals, cooking and eating organic vegan food.

The question for me changed from whether or not someone could love me when I didn't eat animals, to whether or not I could love someone who did.Do you love trying new vegetarian & vegan restaurants?Do you enjoy the company of fellow vegetarians & vegans?You can realize how you thrive on spicy food, while your SO freaks out if there's so much as a pepper in the dish.You can try different cuisines and flavors so much more when you share… On days I knew I would be vegetarian, I was ALSO always stuck picking the restaurant.