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When I tell people that I’ve never been in a relationship, the question they consistently ask me is, “How old are you again?”I used to take this as an offense and would mumble bitterly about some long-ago love interest.

He was a really good boyfriend, very romantic and, yes, shy," she said of the relationship, which lasted a little under a year.

:) My first dates have recently been notoriously bad for what is perhaps a unique reason…I truly have no idea that they didn’t go well. I am freakishly empathetic and good at reading other people’s emotions.

Though he says he’s no longer a bad boy, we all know how much Justin Bieber likes to play the field.

I’ve chosen to appreciate what I’ve learned about myself despite a lack of someone else. I was waiting for the teasing immature boys I knew to blossom into dreamy Gilbert Blythes who would give up their futures for mine. My freshman year of college dealt an unexpected blow to my romantic ideals.

I had been waiting expectantly (maybe a bit naively) to meet some “mature” college guys.